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Android Apps Training

Android Apps Training

Android Apps Training, Android development training,Android Training

Android Apps Development is considered one of the most exciting technologies in the mobile market at present and therefore Android apps training at our organization is going to be the easiest way to learn all about this software and build a successful career sooner. We are Thane based Software training institute, offering the best Android Apps training in Mumbai,Thane,Navi Mumbai. Our trained and experienced Android apps trainers will provide you with the original tablets and android phones to cover most recent versions.

We offer android apps training that completely supports transformative model of learning. This kind of natural learning process enables the trainees to quickly apply whatever they have learnt instead of spending time in recollecting the methods taught.


We offer audio-visual android apps training, where more time is fixed for hands on training rather than in theoretical classrooms. Apart from all this, we also provide opportunities for our trainees to interact with industry experts. Our android apps training program is a golden opportunity to gear up your career as mobile application developer at this age of mobile revolution.

We welcome freshers as well as working professional with basic knowledge on Linux or Java or both for the android apps training program. Based at Thane, Mumbai, we are equipped with qualified android developers, who are able to create amazing android applications in the field of games, multimedia, e-commerce, etc. We hold potential to create great android icons who can easily become a part of any reputed organization.
Our android apps training programs are unique as well as innovative. We give equal importance to the theory as well as practical sessions.Android applications are taught in detail enabling every individual solve android related problems in a very short time. Rewarding career just awaits after Android Apps Training.


One of the top-selling smart phones at present are those integrated with Android Applications. Today android is considered the most advanced software stack for various mobile devices including the tablet computers as well. Android applications offer software for the mobile devices that comprises of operating system, middle ware and key mobile applications. Java is the main programming language used for Developing Android Applications.


Android Apps user gets all types of benefits through the mobile handset. Thus the user enjoys the benefits such as tools for debugging, performance profiling, device emulator, plug-in for Eclipse IDE, etc. All the benefits that come with android apps developed are presented with rich and developed environment. Some of the popular android apps developed at present are SMS program, maps, calendar, client e-mail, contacts, etc. The basic features of android are integrated browser, Application framework, SQLite for structured data storage and dalvik virtual machine.


Other features that are widely used among the masses are 3G, GPS, camera, GSM Telephony, Wi-Fi, compass, Bluetooth , accelerometer and Bluetooth. Our experienced instructor with a through knowledge on JAVA and J2ME have been developing android applications for several clients in Mumbai thus training under their guidance will make you an expert and help you bring out your own Android apps in the market.


Module I Introduction to Android :  
  Getting started with android  
  Application fundamentals  
  Activities and tasks  
  Compo Working with resourcesnents and layouts  
Module II Strating with Android :  
  Android layouts and views  
  Handling user interaction events  
  Grouping, accessing of resources  
Module III Designing page :  
  Creating Menus  
  Styles and Themes  
  Creating Dialogs  
  Adding Menus and Icons  
Module IV Controling Android :  
  Notifying the users  
  Debugging android applications  
  Intent and intent filters  
  Toast, Status bar, dialog notification  
Module V Multimedia with Android :  
  Multimedia in Android  
  Multimedia Supported Audio Formats  
  Simple Media Playback  
  Supported Video Formats  
Module VI Creating Database :  
  SQL Database  
  Introducing sqlite  
  Sqlite open helper and creating a database  
  Opening and Closing a Database  
Module VII Content Handling :  
  Basic content providers  
  Content provider mime types  
  Searching for Content  
  Adding, Changing, and Removing Content  
Module VIII Drawing :  
  Graphics and Animations  
  Drawing Graphics in Android  
  Drawing with Xml  
  Canvas Drawing Best Practice  
Module IX Creating Animation :  
  Programmatically Creating Animations  
  Introducing Tweened Animations  
  Applying Tweened Animations  
Module X Tweened Animation :  
  Accessing Android Hardware  
  Using the Media Apis  
  Using the Camera  
  Using the Accelerometer and Compass  
  Using Bluetooth  
  Using Wifi  
Module XI File Saving State and Preferences  
Module XII Geocoding and Location Based Services  
  Finding Current Location  
Module XIII Telephony and SMS  
Module XIV Sensors  
Module XV Web Services  
  JSON Parser  
  XML Parser